40 years

Innovation every day

With an approach refined over more than 40 years of polymer product design and development, we offer real end-to-end solution delivery.                                                     

As leading polymer manufacturing experts, we bring a unique blend of experience, technology and scale to provide high quality, competitive polymer products across a range of applications and industries.

We specialise in extruded and injection molded polymer manufacturing, reliably delivering on large volume orders as well as working with customers to shape new product design too.

Rapid Prototyping

We have invested in our own technology as well as partnering with a leading 3D printing specialists so we can produce rapid prototypes for our customers

Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue

We are proud to support the Canterbury Westcoast Air Rescue Click on the link to learn more. Find out more >

Quality Plus

We have a commitment to quality, its part of out DNA. We have implemented the Net Inspect system which gives our operators real time measurements to what is happening on the production line 24 hours per day.

Antarctic Heritage Trust

EPL was invited to help develop solutions for weather proofing the historic Antarctic expedition bases of the great polar explorers. Find out more >

Dual Axis Laser Measuring Head

We have recently updated our silicone production lines with the Zumbach ODAC 64XY Dual Axis laser measuring head. The measuring continuously monitor the production line to ensure it is within tolerance.

Foam Seals

We now have a range of Coloured Foam Seals. The EPL Foam Seals are closed cell foam so will not allow water wicking or penetration

3D Flow

We have invested in 3D flow modeling so we can virtually trial our dies. This cuts down the traditional time for R&D meaning we can turn around our Off Tool Sample faster.

40 years