40 years

Miglas Windows – FireGuard 40


The need for protection against bushfires in Australia has led to some homes having to be equipped with metal screens over windows to meet Australian Bushfire Standard AS 3959:2009. Victoria-based manufacturer Miglas High Performance Windows sought to develop windows that gave normal views while still meeting the standard.

The window design features frames with aluminium externally to protect the frame from catching fire, with wood inside to provide thermal insulation. The panes are PyroGuard 40 from Viridian, which provides a solid barrier against heat transfer and embers.

While these elements provide the necessary protection from fire, it was crucial to have seals with similar resistance.


EPL designed silicone rubber gaskets to meet the required specifications. EPL has been working with Miglas since 2007, redesigning seals that achieved a rationalisation of components and reduced assembly time.

The seals developed by EPL proved to pass the BAL40 level of the standard. EPL is continuing with development towards achieving with the highest fire standard, BAL FZ (Fire Zone).


Miglas FireGuard 40 is currently the only window and door product series to achieve compliance with AS 3959:2009, Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas, without the need for external screen or bushfire shutters.