40 years

Quality Plus

ISO 9001

We have a commitment to quality. It is part of our DNA and a core focus in everything we do. Our manufacturing techniques and experience produce the type of quality that gives our clients peace of mind

•    We have been ISO 9001 registered since 1993. The formal certification of our system demonstrates our commitment to quality, productivity and customer satisfaction.

•    ISO standards are recognised in over 160 countries, including all New Zealand’s major trading destinations.


Net Inspect

We have implemented the Net-Inspect system into our operation. Net-Inspect is now used by over 6,000 companies in 48 different countries and is currently used by

•    Fisher and Paykel

•    Airbus

•    Rolls Royce

•    Pratt and Whitney

•    Honeywell

Net Inspect monitors measurement trends with Quality Zones. These Quality Zones are used to quickly identify in-process trends with colour coded sigma bands and monitor process control through CPK and real-time CPK calculations.

Net Inspect gives our operators and our leadership team real time access to what is happening on the production lines 24 hours per day.


40 years