40 years

New Product Development

New answers for new designs

You don’t have to know the answer. As long as you know the question.

Come talk to EPL about what you want to achieve, what some of the hurdles are. Then we’ll find a way to make it work. After all, we’ve done it for many others over many years. In fact, we may have already solved a similar problem for another application and find it only requires adaptation for yours.

And we know what the latest elastomers are capable of. It may be that you can replace metal or other material with lighter, cheaper elastomers that perform as well or better. EPL has a special unit that is completely dedicated product development. We have engineers, chemists, designers and toolmakers whose sole task is to find answers to new problems.

From concept to design to prototyping and testing – everything is done in this separate unit with their own tooling and extruding facilities. This means we can test new products without interrupting our production schedule. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to reach a solution.

Sometimes we even go beyond that – finding ways to exceed the stated requirements.

Our customers can attest to the innovations EPL has helped them achieve.


40 years