40 years

Research and Development

We have a dedicated Research and Development facility to help design new product to meet your needs. The earlier we can be involved in the design process of your product, the higher the chance we can save you manufacturing costs through efficiency found through design innovation.

Our commitment to innovation means we are constantly striving to find new ways to make a difference and provide value for our customers. Innovation starts with listening to a customer’s product needs, and then exploring the best approach to deliver the right solution for that need – be it new product design, or the right manufacturing approach to deliver every time.

•    We were the first company to introduce Santoprene to New Zealand and worked with Exxon Mobil to develop it for New Zealand conditions.

•    We have been foaming extrusions since the early 2000’s

•    We were the first people to introduce 80A plus hardness Silicone Blocks for commercial applications

•    We have been involved with the Aluminium Windows segment since the 70’s. We are a member of the Window and Glazing Association of New Zealand and part of the component committee.

•    We were the first company in New Zealand to do a quad extrusion




We are investing in our own technology to produce 3D prototypes. We have also partnered with the leading 3D printing specialist, so we can produce rapid prototypes of our customers profiles.



Our R&D Team are using the latest 3D Flow Modelling, so we can virtually trial our dies. This cuts down the traditional time for R&D meaning we can turn around our Off-Tool Samples (OTS) faster



40 years