40 years



“We’ve dealt with EPL for over 15 years. We’ve found them really responsive, which is good because most of our customers now want really short lead times and they want us to be able to develop cable to suit. We find with EPL we can go around there and come up with the spec of a cable and have it made in no time at all.”

Mike Carey, GM, Tyco Cables


“With EPL, we’ve developed and utilised some of their co-extruded technology for our PVC flashings to make them easier to install. The technology is changing continually. By using EPL’s products, we really keep at the forefront.”

Mike Olds, GM, Resene Construction Systems - Rockote, Plaster Systems (PSL)


“The specialist extrusions that EPL manufacture for us you’ll find in elevator installations anywhere in the world. EPL products are a very important supply partner for TL Jones Limited. They have brought specialist extrusion manufacturing expertise to the relationship that is critical to us in a product that is safety oriented and manufactured to very fine tolerances. We’ve found that EPL products have added enormously to our capability with our product.”

Chris Stoelhorst, MD, TL Jones Ltd

40 years