40 years

Fisher & Paykel – DishDrawer®


Internationally renowned appliance manufacturer Fisher & Paykel approached EPL about their proposed DishDrawer® – a dishwasher with two independent drawers, so clean dishes can be used from one drawer while dirty dishes are stacked in the other. Compared to existing dishwashers, this required smaller parts, weight reduction and advanced waterproofing.



EPL was able to help Fisher & Paykel with a number of innovations.

    1.    An inflatable silicone rubber gasket to seal the doors under high water pressure. It inflates when the door closes and deflates to all but disappear when the door is opened.

    2.    A special grade of silicone rubber and a specialised cutting system produces a high-flex fatigue resistant fill hose with very tight dimensional tolerances that meet critical potable water standards.

    3.    A new material for the client’s exclusive use, as well as a purpose-made corrugator and cutter to produce a drain hose that is chemically inert, resistant to collapse, highly flexible and with very precise location grooves.


      Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer® exceeded all targets in domestic and export markets. Continuing development with EPL has further lowered production costs in subsequent models.