40 years

Antarctic Heritage Trust – Historic Base Weather Proofing

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The 1908 and 1911 expedition bases of the great polar explorers Sir Ernest Shackleton and Captain Robert Falcon Scott still stand in situ in Antarctica.

Built on land, but located close to the coast, the historic bases are in remarkable condition considering they have stood in one of the harshest continents on earth for over a century. Cared for by the Antarctic Heritage Trust, a major conservation programme is underway to ensure the sites remain for the benefit of the international community.

EPL was invited to participate in a collaborative effort to develop solutions for weather proofing both the doors and the buildings’ damaged exterior tongue and groove claddings.


EPL staff responded to the Trust’s enquiry with passion and determination. EPL contributed expert advice to the Trust’s Design Team which included developing innovative solutions to the challenges faced, and also manufacturing prototype materials. One of the most interesting solutions involved a unique spline profile that could be face-applied. This installation process saved the conservation carpenters hours of work.

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