40 years

About EPL

Capabilities with Flexibility

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Drawing on Over 40 Years of experience we offer real end to end solution deliver, from Research and Development to solve a specific challenge right through to being a manufacturing partner.

With factories in both New Zealand and Thailand, we use a range of manufacturing techniques to produce quality products at scale, with accuracy and cost efficiency.

Custom-designed EPL products are widely used in construction, appliances, electronics, marine, medical and many other applications.

We have  earned a number of industry awards, including:

  • Trade New Zealand Export Award (1997)
  • Plastics NZ Innovation Award (2000)
  • NZ Computer Excellence Award (2000)
  • Ranked Second in the NBR Search for Exciting Companies in the Plastics Manufacturing Sector (2007)
  • Enviromark Gold Certification 2009
  • Champions Canterbury Export Award (2011)
  • Plastics NZ Gold (x2), Silver & Bronze Product Awards (2016)

So you know you can rely on EPL to design and deliver products that allow your designs to function at their best.


40 years



EPL started making silicone rubber extrusions and mouldings in Christchurch, New Zealand, with industry stalwart Jerry O’Neill at the helm.

1974 –
EPL founded
1975 –
rigid profiles produced
1981 –
PVC compounds made on-site
1983 –
co-extrusions offered
1985 –
first Santoprene® TPE manufacture outside North America
1987 –
Auckland plant established
1996 –
purpose built plant opened in Christchurch
1996 –
Teflon® FEP coated cable made
1997 –
acquired Glendene Plastics, Auckland
2001 –
fourfold co-extrusion process perfected
2009 –
production plant opened in Thailand
2010 –
Christchurch production plant damaged in earthquakes
2015 –
moved into new Portlink production facility